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The Business Marketing Challenge

Take The Business Marketing Challenge And Find Out How Good You Really Are At Marketing Your Business

You will either be able to pat yourself on the back or find out how you can make bucket loads more money in your business, either way it is good to know….

The test is free and takes on average about 90 seconds

Business Marketing Challenge

Why Do Your Customers Surf The Internet?

Are Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) important in a modern marketing mix when building your business online?

How much of your online marketing time, money and energy do you spend on Social Media?

How quickly should you respond to a customer’s online enquiry during normal business hours?

Is it wiser to chase an enquiry or wait to hear back from a customer in their own time?

How many times on average do you need to communicate with a customer before they are ready to buy?

If you have your company telephone number and/or email address on your website, how important is it to also have an enquiry web form?

Which of these statements nearest reflects your opinion of the number of fields a web form should have for the customer to fill in when making an initial enquiry?

You have finished the quiz.

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