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How to turn your website into a cash cow

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Many small business owners are struggling to garner enough orders from their website as they would wish; two of the more successful ones are explaining how they do it.

Having viewed a number of small business owner’s websites I can tell you; based on my extensive knowledge and experience that most have some opportunities available to them. When applied they greatly improve the number of your website visitors who actually make contact with you and then go on to place an order with you and become customers. If you’re good they may well order from you again and again.

To solve this problem for a lucky few, (you included if you are quick), Gordon Drayson (Website Guru and Web Marketing Expert) and I have arranged a special strategy and idea filled training day in an easy to get to venue, in short to help small business owner’s with this challenge. If you are looking for more business from your website then this is a must attend day for you.

Here’s why you should be there…
There are proven strategies that a small business owner can employ to attract more targeted prospects and then turn more of them into paying customers.

  • We will be covering the top ten essential web/internet strategies.
  • Expelling some commonly held ideas which are in fact myths. For most small business owners this bit is particularly important.
  • We will be giving some fundamental sales tips which will significantly increase your close rate.
  • We will be asking each delegate for their biggest marketing challenge and making sure it is addressed on the day. TIP: Don’t just ask us to tell you how to get more visitors to your website and how to turn more of them to customers, that is taken as sent and will be covered extensively on the day. Try and be a bit more creative and ask a deeper more searching question. Even if you can’t come up with anything we already have some great questions being asked that all present will learn from.
  • It is all about implementing what we learn, just knowing it is not good enough. We will help each delegate understand how these strategies apply to them and how to redesign their website incorporating the ideas we learned earlier in the day.

By the end of the day every delegate will understand what makes a website sell and be able to do the updates for themselves if they wish. For many this will save them the money which they are currently spending with their webmasters and save time waiting for webmasters to make changes.

Who should attend…
Any small business owner who’s not getting more than enough work/orders from their websites to keep their order books as full as they wish them to be. If this you, you should attend 100%, cancel anything else in your diary EVEN paid employment, this is a must attend day for you.

If your website is performing well but you would like to crank it up a little more and increase your turnover for any reason, then you should give this day very serious consideration.

Where and When
Future dates are being arranged, to register your interest (but not a final commitment) in our training day when it is next in your area and to be given a priority booking opportunity call 01737-353573.

This day is fully guaranteed; here it is for you…
If for any reason whatsoever, or even no reason at all, you do not agree this is the best training day you have ever attended, bar none… that the ideas, strategies and knowledge you gain will help you dramatically improve your website sales, that the speakers are helpful, knowledgeable and off the scale professional, then simply say so at the end of the day and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked and no hard feelings either.

We will then buy you dinner in the restaurant as a thank you for your time.

In short you have nothing to lose and a small fortune in website sales to gain so I urge you to book your place right now.

If you are a Small Business Owner the cost is only £TBC. You can pay debit/credit card or by cheque. Places are limited as we give lots of hands on one to one coaching as required to make sure EVERY delegate “gets it”.

Why is this valuable course being sold at such a stupidly low fee?
This is the first time we have done this training in one day, historically it has been over two shorter days but we understand that two days away from your business is tough, so this is a little bit of an experiment for us. You are helping us learn if one longer day is as good (or better) than two shorter days. The price has been set very low as this is a little bit of an experiment for us.

We know there is a huge market for this training and all future events (be they one day or two) in the future, will be charged at a price that more realistically reflects the value delegates garner from it. This is your one and only chance at this price; grab your place today.

Have your Debit/Credit Card to hand and book your place today by calling 01737-353573 today.

My Very Best Wishes,
Clive Hyams

P.S. If you want the outcome to be different then you have to change something along the way, but you have already given it your best shot, so what do you change? This training day will give you heaps of ideas, all proven winners. If you don’t do it now when will you? If not us, who?

P.P.S. Places are limited so we can give lots of individual hands on help.

P.P.P.S. This course will never be run again at this price. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the guys, you have been there, done it and got the tee-shirt.

P.P.P.P.S. This day is fully guaranteed, you MUST agree it is the best training day you have ever taken and you have the tools to increase your online sales dramatically or we will refund your money in full and then buy you dinner as a thank you for you time.