You can easily create unlimited email responses fully personalised to your customer…

With OBA you can create as many different email responses as you require to cover all eventualities. If you are an entertainer that performs 5 different kinds of shows, then you can create 5 different emails describing each of them in as much detail as you like. In fact, you can create different versions of each email to suit different types of customer. If your business is a Hotel or Bed & Breakfast, then you may want to create a different response for every type of room you have written for different types of guests such as holiday guest, or business user etc. How about a unique response for your Christmas parties or functions or Valentine’s specials – the list is limited only by your imagination.

And because the emails are all sent in HTML you can include colour, links to your website, pictures, logos, even YouTube videos – embedded right within the email and delivered directly to your customer’s inbox. It can really be a full multimedia experience. Of course you don’t need to learn HTML to make your emails look attractive: they are all created using our simple wysiwyg editor and you can preview the full email at any time during the process.

This is only a small part of the power that OBA gives you, the best is still to come….

You can embed ANY information you have requested from a customer, right into the emails you send out. You can include their name within the subject line to attract attention and pretty much guarantee that the email is read… You can greet them by name at the top of the email, you can include the date of their enquiry and any other information that has been filled out in one of your forms by the customer.

You can even automagically add specific dates for time limited offers based upon the date the email is sent by including a generic formula structure: if you want to make an offer last for 7 days, then you simply add the tag “Today + 7 days” at the correct point in your email and it will be changed into the correct date in 7 days’ time, when the email is sent out. How about adjusting the date to 3 days’ time or 45 days – all can be done extremely easily.

All of your responses, chasers and follow-up emails have this full functionality, allowing you the flexibility to say exactly what you want, personally to that particular person.

It’s like having your very own Booking Assistant working 24/7 sending out personalised information packs for you.

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