Read and hear what some of our customers say about OBA…

John Orr – Magic MontyJohn Orr – Magic Monty

Just a quick email regarding your brilliant OBA system, I would first like to take this opportunity to thank you for the best customer support this side of Honolulu!!. What a super system you have developed. I can now rest easy in the knowledge that any enquiry's I may have, will be dealt with quickly, professionally, but more importantly, almost instantly to the client.

The OBA system allows you to tailor your email responses to the many options you may have in your shows, the emails you send have a neat blue border and look very professional. There are also chaser emails in this system, these go out at set intervals and the default settings can be adjusted to suit your own preferences. I am not the fastest learner you will ever meet and pestered Gordon on various occasions, he was always willing to help and solved any problems I had in an instant. The help section in OBA has videos to speed up the learning process and a live talk option that will answer any problems you may have. Once you have grasped the basics of Gordon's system you will then realise how much effort has gone into making it very user-friendly.

Because of OBA I now have more free time on my hands and less paperwork. The system also acts as a database, keeping all your previous customers information for the following year and sending out chaser emails to remind them of your services. There are two payment options should you wish to purchase OBA after your free trial, both are very reasonable. I would be lost without this system now and many of my clients have mentioned how much quicker and professionally I have responded to their enquiry's, this alone has secured me many bookings.

In a nutshell....this is a brilliant system, great value and second to none customer support, don’t take my word for it, try the free trial, you will never look back.

Rob GaffneyRob Gaffney

I am just e-mailing you to let you know how fantastic OBA is. For those of you looking at the website thinking, I am not sure this is for me please read my testimonial. After having OBA up and running for about 3 - 4 days I began to notice how easy it was to use. Yes, it takes a little time to set it up the way you want, but let me tell you that once it is set-up it really does make your life a whole lot easier. Allowing you time to concentrate on other things. There's even a set-up wizard that guides you through the process, so setup is a breeze. Which is great if you have two OBA accounts like me. I perform for Children's Parties and events as well as for Adults with Close-Up and Cabaret Magic, and it was important that I was able to separate them completely and OBA allows me to do that with a sub-account at half the price of the main one!

After 3 - 4 days of running the system I got an enquiry from an online site I advertise on for my children's entertainment. I manually entered the client's information into OBA and within seconds a personalised e-mail with my details and info was on its way without any hassle on my part. The client has now booked me for the party and so OBA has already paid for itself with one booking covering the cost of both my OBA accounts! This product is a real time saver. Every day it saves me loads of time replying to emails for both sides of my magic business.

As new request's for different types of shows come in I set them up as a reply in OBA. Once it's in there you can just pick it from the list to send out to the client. It really couldn't be any simpler. Thank you, Gordon, for making my life a whole lot easier. You have allowed me more time to concentrate on practicing top-notch magic for clients, rather than spending time in the office replying to emails!

Clive Hyams – Mysto MagicClive Hyams – Mysto Magic

As one of your first customers for the Online Booking Assistant (OBA) I've now been using the system for quite some time and I just wanted to say that apart from turning website visitors into paying customers, the biggest benefit from me is OBA makes keeping in touch with customers and prospects very easy as it is 100% automated, not requiring any action from me.

Today, in these tough times, keeping in constant contact with people, both customers and prospects, is the big secret to a thriving business.

OBA paid for itself in the first 10 days of it being on my website and since then I have added it to various other sites, all with outstanding results.

Thank you for taking the time and the huge business risk of developing OBA it certainly has paid big dividends to my business.

Karl Jeffrey – The Puppet ManKarl Jeffrey – The Puppet Man

WOW, OBA really works. I was probably its biggest cynic. When Gordon first told me about his OBA programme which had 'ready made email templates' to respond to enquiries, I thought, "So what? I have those already". What I didn't realise was, OBA is more than just a way to quickly send out all the information a potential customer requests. It is a full blown marketing tool! Its like having a full time employee, working their nuts off on your behalf!

OBA's primary objective is to secure as many bookings as possible for you. It's kind of like having your own sales person, without the irritation or annoyance! OBA will send out anything you want to your potential customer, and exactly when you want it sent. I honestly didn't think it would work, I was wrong. It does all the things I do not have the time to do, and more. In fact, it does so much more that I was surprised at the price. You get a lot for your money, which in comparison to other ways you might market your services leaves them looking like prehistoric relics. OBA is the future. I will not be renewing my Yellow Pages and adverts. I don't need to, I have OBA. It does far more for me than the Yellow pages or ever will, and at a price that is extremely generous. It's worth so much more!

Like some other people have mentioned, it might take you a few days to get used to it. That was true for me. I am the worlds worst technical minded or computer literate person, but I managed to suss it (and that really says something). It may take a little while to type your email templates to your own personal style. You could use the ones Gordon Supplies, and they will work well, but I wanted to tweak them to my own preference. Overall it took me about 7 days to get to grips with exactly how the system works and ultimately fine tuning it the way I wanted it to work for me. All it requires from me now is to select the appropriate reply, and send it. Other than posting a booking form and letting them know its in the post, I have nothing else to do. OBA will even remind them the following year of the wonderful time we had working together, and suggest that maybe we can do something for them again this year! Even those that don't book get a 'Can I help you this year?' offer!

If like me you were thinking you don't need it, try it for 30 days for free. Give yourself one week to fully immerse yourself into it and tweak your email templates. Then allow OBA to work for you. Mine paid for itself within a few days, in fact within the first week I had 3 confirmed bookings as a result of OBA. Now I think of it, Gordon should not be making this available to anyone else. I want to keep this for myself. The rest of you should hire a real person to do what this can do, this is my OBA!

Paul Longhurst – Magic PaulPaul Longhurst – Magic Paul

OBA is invaluable to me. It makes my customer enquiries easier for them, easier for me, and it automatically chases and helps me close my sales.

The communication, as managed by OBA is personalised and has never been marked as spam for my customers.

I can now relax knowing that I am doing a professional and complete job in my sales, but with minimum effort.

This is a brilliant idea and it works.

Louis Taylor – Wizzo the WizardLouis Taylor – Wizzo the Wizard

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Online Booking Assistant system. The work you have put into this is way beyond what I thought I was getting. I feel you have covered everything in your OBA. I'm so pleased that I made this investment which I feel is at a great price! The support you gave me as well as I put this OBA to work on my website was first class. It's nice to know that in this day and age that there are still companies out there that do care and are willing to go that extra mile.

So once again thank you so much for making such a great system that works and frees up my time! I will be adding extra accounts for my other websites very soon! Thank you from one very happy customer.

Patricia Randall – Happy’s CircusPatricia Randall – Happy’s Circus

OBA has literally transformed our business!

We really were very busy, but we were busy with paper related tasks which ate up our team's time, for which we were paying. We are the market leaders in taking Circus into Schools for Fundraising and setting up OBA was very time-consuming because of the many parts to our booking process and our business volumes. However it has been a very rewarding and completely worthwhile business tool which has increased our conversion rate from enquiry to booking, improved our time management and provides excellent customer support.
We totally recommend OBA to any business owner looking to reduce paper transactions and improve business levels.